Beware the 13th...

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
Just dropping by for a quick update on the monster kingdom. Its going really well!
Recently, the Pumpking took over as leader and king, and he will find some way to get us out into the surface (wait wasnt this done as some plot in some game?)
Anyways, good luck (or bad luck) everyone! See you all in 6 more months.

- Trick-or-Treater


COC: Road to Town Hall 7! Day 9

Alright so i ended up skipping the past 3 days, and thats because of school. Sorry for that.
Anyways im gonna do a brief on all the past days.

So got a bunch of walls upgraded, and also got all my cannons to Lvl 7. Starting to upgrade my Archer Towers to Lvl 7 too. Air Defense is almost done, and army camps are done too.

Started to upgrade a barrack too, since Healers are very powerful. Just waiting on the Lab upgrades to be done so i can spend all my Elixir!

One thing i decided to do today is compile most of my TH6 attacks and defenses into one video. You may have seen it already, but here it is if you havent.

Why no Road to Town Hall 7?

Reason: Been really busy with school.
Got a new math teacher who gives us homework everyday, and also hates me and my whole group.
Have been playing COC recently, and been making good progress (good wall and defense progress, alongside Lab), so im not dry on stuff and progress, but i have had little time to make a progress post. Will make one today about all the last few days.

Same applies to the FusionFall posts. Will make more soon as well.
Wish me luck, and hope you all have good luck too!


COC: Road to TH7 Day 5 and 6

Alright 2 days in one go. Lets do this.
Day 5
Really good loot wise!
Dang man ill admit getting loot has been easy so far. Real good when you use all barbs.
Thanks to the loot i managed to get my next army camp upgraded and also get a lot of walls upgraded. Also began upgrading the Wizard Tower to Lvl 2. Will soon begin upgrading things like cannons.
You might notice i got some new decors. They are just there to give some nice looks to the village. Arent focusing much on the gold ones since its 100,000 per flag, but still. Might place some once all walls and gold upgrades are complete.

Day 6
Now we get to today, and the loot doesnt stop coming.
Its great, but during the morning i couldnt enter the game because of maintainance, so i had to wait till i got back from school to grab resources from the collectors. Luckily i didnt get raided.
Got a few more purple walls, and will get more once a cannon upgrade is finished (or the mortar). One of the army camps is finally done and started to upgrade my wizards to Lvl 3. Might switch my War strat to Balloons and Archers later, but for now this will do.
Also got the 2 of my collectors to Lvl 5, so they can be boosted too. Might boost one day when im off from school (like saturday or sunday).
Here: Have your daily (or semi-daily) attack.
The 1st one shows that you need to add new structures, while the 2nd shows the power of the healing spell.

Apologies :P

Reason i didnt make a Post yesterday was because i got a huge headache and was really tired. Sorry for that everyone!
Will make today a Double day post. See yall soon.

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