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Funkey Showcase: Vroom

Today´s Funkey Showcase is all about the Daredevil: Vroom!
Vroom´s Place is found in Laputta Station. Nearby ROM Nexus and Fallout´s Place.
Vroom isnt really based on anything. Its a unique design, however the amount of stars it has represent the place where he lives in, Room De Vroom, and the fact hes a performer of stunts.


The inside of Room De Vroom represents a Garage, filled with stars and bikes, alongside oil spilled around the place.

In Vroom’s game, Super Vroom Ball, you start out on round 1 with 5 balls.

To throw the balls, hold down left click, aim, quickly move the mouse forward,(fast or it’ll be a “Dead Ball”) and let go. Be careful on how powerful you throw it, or it’ll go out of bounds, counting as one of your 5 balls. There are three rounds. On the second round you get 7 balls, and on round 3 You get 10 balls. 

Tips: Practice makes perfect! Keep trying to get it in that 100 slot, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to throw it in easily! Plus, during those countless games of practicing, you could win a gem shard!

High Scores: A score of 1,220 earned a Stunt Cannon, access to it from the Game room, a Trophy, and a Classic Pinball Machine.

Zone: Laputta Station

Color of Portal and Gem Shard: Green

Length of play: An estimated 3-7 Min.


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"Who will we get to compete this season? What insane challenges will they face? When will I get my next paycheck? All this and more, on..."

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Funkey Bios: Drift


The Drift feel the need… the need for speed! The drift do everything fast. They walk fast, drive fast, and even talk fast. The Drift talk in their special drift language as rapidly as they possibly can! They talk so fast that the term “motor mouth” was coined to describe anyone who is talking too quickly to understand what it is they are saying! Also when someone is having trouble being understood they say, “Do you catch my drift?”

The Drift have gifted talent for anything mechanical, and are constantly tinkering with things in order to make them faster. The drift are always designing and building faster and faster vehicles, and they will spend days making slight yet precise adjustments to their creations in order to get even the littlest amount of additional speed.

This mechanical talent and love of fast things makes the drift the best friends of vroom. the drift are always making modification to vroom stunt vehicles in order to make them faster and able to jump larger and more dangerous stunts. The Vroom, in turn, tests all the new crazy fast vehicle designs that the drift can think of... Sometimes with spectacular results.

POTD 18/09/2017: Unexpected twist!

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"...Chris McLean."


Funkey Showcase: Boggle

Todays Funkey Showcase is all about Boggle!
Boggle´s place is found in Laputta Station. Nearby the Big Red Button and the Portal to Daydream Oasis.
Boggle and its place is based around a monster, or an alien, due to its 3 eyed face. His place on the outside represents a cave and even a mouth of a monster, which could reference their big mouths.

The inside represents a laboratory. Weird choice huh?


His mart has alot of spooky items, and his Rare and Very Rare items are spooky eye wallpapers.
Image result for UB Funkeys Boggle video
His game is called "Get Outta my Stew!". The goal is to squish the spiders using your spoon, and destroying their webs that they place in your stew. If they stay for too long, a red liquid will fill up on the side, and once it reaches Boggle´s sad face, its game over.
 Image result for UB Funkeys Boggle
Getting a score of 6,000+ gets you a Boggle Fridge and the ability to play the game in your game room. A score of 9,500 or 10,000 earns a trophy and the game room access.

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POTD 15/09/2017: Are you kidding me...

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"...so, we're kicking off this season with some good old fashioned talent scouting! As always, I'm your host..."

Funkey Showcase: Scratch

This weeks Funkey Showcase shows Scratch!
Scratch´s place is found near the Funkeystown Museum and Gabby Abbey. It resembles a disco place. Its shop has items resembling music, with its rare and very rare items involving instruments.

Its game is a dance dance revolution like game, where you need to hit the discs as early as possible, or directly in the red line below. Its quite difficult, but my best advice is to play the easy and medium mode, then playing the expert mode once you are comfortable and speedy enough. Playing the harder modes gives you more points. A highscore of 40,000+ earns the highscore item and access to game room.


POTD 12/09/2017: 1 billion Taros reward!

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"We invited 22 teenagers to spend 6 weeks at this recently evacuated summer camp for a chance at 1 billion taros... but no one showed up..."


Funkey Bios #1: Boggle



The Boggle are eating machines. Their highly advanced digestive systems can process anything from the most poisonous spiders to raw iron.

The Boggle bodies break down any material they eat. They sweat out a pure, sweet substance similar to honey that is the staple of all Funkey diets. Nothing beats a peanut butter and Boggle sweat sandwich with a warm glass of purple milk.

The Boggle are an essential part of the Funkey society as the recyclers of all waste, with zero harm to the Funkey environment.

Don’t be scared by their hideous appearance, the Boggle wouldn’t hurt a fly… unless it gets too close to their mouth – then they might take a nibble.

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Boggle Image 1 Boggle Image 2 Boggle Image 3 Boggle Image 4 Boggle Image 5 Boggle Image 6 Boggle Image 7 Boggle Image 8 Boggle Image 9 Boggle Image 10 Boggle Image 11 Boggle Image 12 Boggle Image 13 Boggle Image 14 Boggle Image 15 Boggle Image 16 Boggle Image 17

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