FusionFall Videos: Thanksgiving Missions!

Heres a video showcasing the Thanksgiving event in FusionFall! Quite a fun event!

Item Showcase: Giant Turkey Leg

This weeks item is the greatest weapon in FusionFall: The Giant Turkey Leg!
Giant Turkey Leg

This great weapon for Level 10 players and above is quite easy to get. Being as Uncommon as us Turkeys, but its a great tool for both dishing out damage at close ranges, but also for eating! Eating it gives you a 10% boost on your survival! What a great weapon.

It was even featured in a few FusionFall commercials! It really is a very recognizable and fun weapon for everyone to use anytime of the year.


FusionFall RETRO Weekly Devblogs # 2: New Monster Drop system!

Hey everyone, welcome to our second weekly update post! This week, we’re talking monster drops.

Each time you kill a monster, you have the chance to receive a crate, which when opened gives you a corresponding item based on that crate’s rarity. Given the large amount of variables in crate types per level and the various items in the game, we worked to keep everything organized and fair.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to retrieve the original game’s drop information. Instead, we’ve had to create our system with our own drop rates. The general idea remains the same: common items appear more frequently in common crates, while more valuable items appear in rarer crates.

The original game featured drops listed on a per mob basis. That means Fusion Spawns and Shocktanglers, both level 1 monsters, dropped different sets of items. On the other hand, Retro features a shared drop list per level. If you’re looking for an item of a certain level, chances are you can find that item off of any mob of the corresponding level.

We’ve had to devise our own formula for crate drop rarity, sticking very closely to the original game’s drop rates. Adjustments and fine-tuning to rates will be an ongoing process likely through initial release and beyond in order to ensure a fun and balanced item drop system.

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest news and information regarding Retro. Stay tuned for more updates in the following weeks!

The Weirdest Thanksgiving Event

Why hello there Young one. I see we may or may not have met before, but either way, let me introduce myself. My name is V.V Argost, and im the host of a TV Show called “Weird World”, where i go out to find and capture the weirdest creatures the world has to offer! As of this time we have captured over 11,498 weird creatures, and this one will be another for the collection. I have spotted a weird Turkey-like creature. It seems to have came from the undead! Following it around and capturing him i found out that he has a little buddy on his back that wont come off. After analysing them thru my scanner and X-ray goggles i found out they are both stucked with one bone (disgusting i know). Anyways heres what i managed to get out of the little guys mouth:

Hello! I need help finding my family members. They are all Turkeys! Can i be freed now? And can you help me?

You heard the turkey man. We must go and find these turkeys! But first... Can i keep one of your friends for my TV show?

Anything as long as i find them. TAKE MY CHILDREN.

The Turkey man has spoken! We need your help as well in finding them! Help us find them all! They like to hide so make sure you have a keen eye to spot them.

Maybe we can also save the Thanksgiving dinner. Im thinking of cooking my daughter this year!

Wait. You are all cannibals that eat each other?

Why yes we are! But only once a year for Thanksgiving. Keeps the family small.

(Seems like these weird Turkey creatures have something interesting about them...)


Throwback Thursday: Old FusionFall Gameplay

Did you know that FusionFall was once COMPLETELY Different? Like SUPER different to today and RETRO. Heres an old gameplay video about it. Just look at all the changes.

November 2017 Calendar

November 2017 Calendar

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